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MY BOOK IS AVAILABLE FROM BLURB ~ I have no books to sell directly. 

For ten years I traveled America photographing interesting amateur and alternative models who I met via social media. My photos are arranged chronologically so you can see the progression of my technique and attitude. Models include Alysha Nett, Hanna Grace, Hattie Watson, twins Meagan and Melody Sample, Nettie Harris, Sash, and many more. I am quite happy with the book design, it is not just another repetitive centered photo portfolio. Blurb's production quality is much improved in recent years.... Profit is set to zero and this is the fifth and hopefully final design and copy iteration. Oh and half the work is large format film, 20% is color, and 10% are kind of naked NSFW.

If you meet me in person I'm happy to sign a book for you. 

Available through Blurb at for $107.29 plus shipping (look for promo codes). Blurb also has an excellent full-length online preview that you can view full screen (equivalent to the $4.99 PDF eBook). 

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