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I'll be visiting my kids who live in Oakland and Denver. I'm not opposed to photographing and drinking coffee.

Going to Bogus Basin, Idaho ~ January 2020 ~ looking for land, I am serious about having a redoubt.

Otherwise I ski at Holimont in Ellicotville on weekdays. Every few years I manage to ski at Alta, Utah; Killington and Stowe, Vermont; Sugarloaf, Maine and Timberline, Oregon. I still ski fast groomers in spite of losing a lot of strength, flexibility and balance with age;-p

Spain, France, Switzerland ~ Summer 2020 ~ I think we'll be driving through the Catalonian revolution!

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I have a few inactive things still around. Don't follow me, it's all bullshit.


I'm done but still willing to make exceptions for the exceptional. Just a few shoots per year, all very prim and proper with my usual modest decorum.

You'll have to text and follow through with some enthusiasm. No money involved (although I'll treat), no chaperones or stylists, no silly "themes" or glamour, and I don't retouch much.

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