Frank Petronio photographer


Tammy x 2, a wonderful model, highly recommended, based in Northern New Jersey. 

When the weather is this gloomy and cold the goose bumps are ridiculous to retouch. Also I don’t like the idea of distorting the Hell out of the color temperature but otherwise the reality is people look worse than pale. True I haven’t been shooting much but finding a pleasing and believable flesh tone without green shadows in it is proving hard, I think the phones tend to emphasize green more than most good monitors. At a certain point I just need to step away and move on, maybe return after I grow detached. Or be a putz and convert everything to B&W and call it “art” like most togs. 

What I do like is the hiking boots photo (far more than the latex swimsuit). I like that she’s dirty with forest debris and looks healthy and natural. This is something I should run with and do more of ~ hikers and outdoorsy people, even less attractive types, you simply don’t see many photos of people actually in the woods (and the photos you do see are of crazies doing hyper X-games shit which isn’t the norm). Same with firearms shooters (they tend to run paranoid because of the jackels in the media), I just have to find people who are willing and not be so shy about asking. 

We were shooting in a quarry, trespassing to be honest. But some other trespassers came by and reported us for photographing a potential minor (not the case, she’s an adult mother of two). Twenty minutes later eight cops pulled me over and investigated, no issue and I understand why they want to be careful but still it was annoying and a bit of overkill. I guess it was a slow morning and they wanted to check out the pretty girl?

Probably the safe bet.

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