Frank Petronio photographer

Train Girl

This is 19-year old Haley, who left home at 16 and has been riding the rails for the past year. “Train Kids” is a subculture: stoners riding, sleeping, fucking and shitting off the side of train wells. She sells nudes online and uses PayPal as her bank. Interesting kid, a loner, stubborn and tough yet brittle. Of course I gave her money, food, a knife, etc. 

(As far as smoking weed, I think it should be prohibited and shunned but not punished very severely, at least at the user level. We need rules we can break or life becomes bland and dull. I also think smoking pot in your young, brain-developing years is really nasty, resulting in stunted intellect and personalities ~ and this should be punished more severely. That said, if I had a terminal illness and wanted to smoke, why not? But like most other issues, we’re inconsistent and ineffectual….)

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