Frank Petronio photographer

Sigma 135/1.8 ART Lens Samples

So I took this lens to Universal Orlando and these are simple grab shots. It is very sharp, has pleasing bokeh, excellent build quality – and this is key – fast, accurate auto-focus thanks to a more powerful ring motor. It burns my ass that a $1600 pro Nikon f/1.4G lenses have pokey mediocre auto-focusing. I tried the Zeiss 135/2 ZF2 shortly beforehand, that is also a superior lens but it is manual focus only.

Still I’m not in love with the 135mm focal length so I’m selling it along with the Sigma USB dock (which is very useful! I wish other companies had similar products). 

Harry Potter and amusement parks… meh, my familial duty and it put joy in the hearts of the women but I feel for the working class stiffs obligated to take their kids to these overpriced amusement parks in the same way they save up for outrageous college tuitions. Both are huge rip-offs. 

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