Frank Petronio photographer

Sarah K

I love doing these 20 minute portrait sessions. (Ignore the six hours spent driving and editing.) 

The Nikon 105/1.4e is the best short telephoto lens to date, with the best autofocusing accuracy and speed along with beautiful, sharp yet smooth rendering. It beats all of the other good lenses I’ve owned: Zeiss 135/2. Sigma 135/1.8, Nikon 85/1.8G, 85/1.4G, all the AIS lenses, etc. Its only downsides are the price (over $2000) and that it uses odd 82mm filters. To avoid spending more on filters I’ll rarely use I got an 82-77mm step-down ring, figuring I could crop slightly. (I carry a circular polarizer and an 8-stop ND.

I also have the 28/1.4e but I’m not as receptive to wide-angle shooting, in spite of it having similar qualities to the 105. And I’m still frustrated that Nikon doesn’t make a comparable 50mm to these two fine lenses. That trio would be perfect (along with a set of pancake primes for travel). 

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