Frank Petronio photographer

Wild Beaches of Lake Ontario

I’ve been trying to find all of the wild land with beachfront access to Lake Ontario, within about an hour of my house. It’s been in the 90s so swimming would be great but the water is mossy with algae. Once it turns over (cold lake bottom water cycles up and replaces the warm gunk topside every few weeks) I’ll try to do a good swim before Winter. 

Merry Old England

In 2006 we took my wife’s elderly parents to the Lake District for their last real trip while they were still able to travel. I’m a bleeding bloody saint for doing so.

These were with the then new Nikon D80. At low ISO the images hold up well, I thought they were great cameras. The CCD sensor along with the sharp 50/1.4D lens made an excellent combination (also used the 24/2.8D and 35/2D). Older stuff using the D70 hasn’t aged as well but then again neither has 35mm film. With film we didn’t pixel peep or worry about the details nearly as much, looking back lots of marginal shots got published, many of the lenses were Coke bottles.  

Still I have to laugh, looking at these full screen on the iMac 5K they’re breaking down compared to my iPhone 7+ images immediately below.

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