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I drove a car out to my son in Denver and flew home, 1700 miles in three days during Winter. I had thought I’d do more photos but I didn’t, I felt pressure to drive and didn’t meander very far. I did enjoy my stops in Jefferson City, Missouri and Abilene, Kansas but even then I forgot to do photos of my friends and family because it felt rushed. And the return flight home was rough, my connection from Philly to Rochester was cancelled so I rented a car and had to drive even more! Phew, a bit of a backache today and still pooped. 

The people I encountered in the Midwest were invariably nice. And the landscape was more interesting than I expected, even if I didn’t stop to photograph it. But this trip just confirmed my feeling that my best landscape photography will probably be done close to home, in familiar terrain. 

Orange Man

The Orange Man betrayed his base on Thursday. 

If you’ve followed me you’ll see I’ve scrubbed my online presence of direct political commentary and firearms for obvious reasons. So this is all I’ve got to say. 

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