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Tourniquet Time

أوروبا تستوعب

Been carrying my Dark Angel pocket trauma kit just in case of Allah Snackbar.

Learned that frogs symbolize transformation.

Self-medication. Been walking 5-6 miles everyday six months out from the broken tibia.

Faith in Circles of Confusion ~

Pick a Lens

I did some A:B testing between the 35/1.4 Zeiss Milvus and Nikon 35/1.8G. The $2200 Zeiss blows the $500 Nikkor away but it weighs 2.5 pounds. I think I’m going to put up with it though, the thought of going to Italy and doing second class photos riles me more. 

The 300mm is staying home, I realized that with my propensity for sniping people that I might get myself in trouble with it. 

Blunderwater Camera

Like many others I’ve long admired underwater and surf photography ~ beautiful sunset waves, sleek swimmers, strange distorted seascapes. So when Aquatech had their sale last Fall I picked up a Base water housing for my D810. I’ve used it enough to realize that I’m only getting mediocre results, partially due to lack of control and the mucky water we have around the Northeast. To do things “right” I need to get the model with a full set of camera controls, flash housing, larger domed ports for better lenses ~ and then travel to warmer, clearer waters or find myself an awesome pool. But that’s a much larger investment and I’m not convinced I’m enough of a waterman to really do anything significant with the rig. Like powder skiing, I rather be out enjoying the experience of playing in the waves instead of photographing others, call me selfish. And besides, if I ever was in the surf with this plastic beast attached to my wrist I’d probably drown. 

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lot of fun to play with. I listed mine for sale so go for it, knock yourself out!

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