Frank Petronio photographer

Kat from Tuscon

Wearing a few Bright and Shiny latex items at the local Hampton Inn last week. I’ve grown to hate shooting in hotel rooms, there is nothing sexy about a girl in a hotel, you can never get enough distance from the background, bed shots are trite, it’s usually a shitshow. Winter blows. 


Another mediocre shot, all these out of focus stalks sticking up in weird places screwing up the bokeh. Contrast and color of sky is weird too, probably should go back on a calm morning and try again. November weather is pretty marginal though, it’s just nasty out. 

Favorite Landscape

Finally made a landscape photo I like. It was windy but shooting with a higher end DSLR allowed me to shoot at a faster shutter speed and hold detail in the moving leaves ~ something I probably couldn’t accomplish with a larger film or digital camera. 

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