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Super Secret Fourth Degree

Perhaps their underwear is too tight? 

The issue with online communities and social media is that you need enough disagreement and tension to make topics churn, keeping things interesting while involving more and varied people. If you ban and block so that the only participants are all in lovely harmonious agreement then it gets boring and dies off. Obviously you have to remove threatening, criminal behavior and contain the more aggressive bullying and whatnot but this forum is a gathering of old boomer college professor types playing with their toy wooden cameras. There was nothing for anyone to get that upset about, it’s only pixels for goodness sake! 

Birdie finger emoji….

Chris Reeves Knives Inkosi

So I bought eight midtech framelock folding knives from America’s leading manufacturers (see below) and have owned a dozen or so $100+ knives prior. Out of that scrum I chose the Chris Reeves Large Inkosi (3.5S35VN) as my favorite and (almost) everything else is listed for sale. The Inkosi wasn’t the most expensive knife I tried but it may be the simplest ~ it doesn’t flip, relies on washers rather than bearings, doesn’t have the latest steel and it’s not really decorated or embellished at all. It’s the kind of knife I can give to my grandson. 

I am probably going to keep the little 2.47” Spyderco Lil’ Native because it’s another practical knife that takes up barely any room in my pocket for times I don’t want to show a clip. And I’ve ordered a Winkler Crusher with a rubber handle for horizontal belt carry in the woods. After trying several of the larger folders with 4” blades I just do not feel confident in them for hard use. 

Also have a Kershaw Ken Onion Blur with glass breaker in the car, a Kershaw Shallot pulling packing tape duty and an Ontario RAT-1 in Aus-8 kicking around with my work tools (these are all nice entry level blades). So I guess it’s never going to get down to only one knife but you get the idea. 

Gun Stroller

For carrying guns, ammo and supplies in competition… a $79 Amazon baby stroller and Rino ATV mounts, cut away the baby seat fabric. Works surprisingly well. 

But the cupholder won’t hold a whiskey bottle, damnit. 

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