Frank Petronio photographer

Mid-Fat Bike

For a Mid-Fat Dad. It really rocks on my personal trail loop. 

Base model Specialized Fuse 6 Fattie, only upgrade is nicer pedals… feels a lot faster and plusher compared to my classic 26 XC hardtail. It’s a heavy bike but the gearing is perfect for my home loop, much more confident doing my little low jumps with it. The wider bars, slack geometry, and fat tires make the winding trail a lot more interested too! It whips! 

Next… lights for night? 

China 2004

We went to China in 2004 to adopt Olivia at age 11 months. I used a state-of-the-art Nikon D70 with 20/2.8 and 50/1.4 AF-D lenses. Tomorrow I am bringing a Nikon D810 with a 35/1.4 AF-S G (rather than the 50/1.4 Zeiss Milvus I’ve been using most of the time, I figure that auto-focusing, a small weight savings, and weather sealing will be advantageous)(Image quality won’t be as good as the Zeiss but still pretty damn good especially since I’ll hit focus correctly more often than hoping to get perfect manually focused shots in fluid situations.). I like 35mm and 50mm focal lengths a lot (obviously) but the 35mm always harkens back to the classic Leica days and not being intimate with the place and moving quickly, having a wider view will probably work out best. I was going to bring two bodies but I don’t want to leave one in the hotel or have to lug both 24-7 so I’ll risk running solo. Worse case is I buy a D500 with the 35/1.8DX if the D810 goes down. In fact getting a D500 is under consideration because it would be an awesome body for the 300/2.8 lens. 

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