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17 More

I have 17 more days until I probably get my cast off. I can’t complain but time has essentially slowed down. I’d love to sleep through this and just get it over with. I still need to learn how to use my audio recorder with Final Cut Pro. Finish the Isaacson biography of DaVinci. Teach myself more about long range shooting via You Tube and forum lurking. Write my political manifesto. And find something that isn’t absolute dreck on our thousands of media outlets. (And no I won’t watch the National Felons League or Justin Bieberlake.)

Kinda going bonkers and it is hard to concentrate even though I have all the time in the world, I’m not being constructive. 

Not as bad as my climbing accident in 1983… lower body cast, pooping through a hole (well I didn’t poop and that was a problem too), and rehab that took years. I’m know I’m luckier than most. 




Well it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy… broken tibia, 8 weeks in a non-weight bearing cast. Goal is to learn Final Cut Pro and maybe do some still life photography. Shower boot and scooter cart on order. Ski season is done before it started on one of the best snow years. Blah, I’ll be caught up on movies. 

King of the Snow Whale

Enjoyed watching kids race to the top of the snow whales at Holimont. It’s shaping up to be an epic ski season. Right now it’s bitterly cold with blowing white outs. Our roof is ice damning and leaking water destroyed a ceiling in our library. The place is a mess post Christmas and my mother-in-law is hallucinating… and I’m a huge burden because of this tibia fracture. My overworked wife will probably have to rearrange her work schedule and I’m just going to be a helluva pain in the ass all Winter. 

Maybe this is a sign that I need to sit down and learn Final Cut Pro really well? 

Super Cold Skiing

Holiday Valley in Ellicottville, NY is one of the most successful ski areas in the USA.

My trusty Mavic is working out very well, good purchase!

Drone shot of a drone….

Holimont, the excellent private club one valley over from Holiday Valley.

Very changeable and cold weather….

Followed the Amish home. They’re hearty.

So I had my action cam strapped to my leg, which is a great position except I need to find a different mount so it can record horizontally…. I’m on new equipment and experimenting with cants and fitting, and those are pretty stiff GS race skis that don’t really want to turn slow… and I’m weak, so I ate a turn and definitely sprained my ankle. I’m now on crutches and heading to the doctor tomorrow during the blizzard. 

Closing Out 2017

It’s maximum Winter here.

When I wake up tomorrow I’m going to become an entirely new person, taking on a new photographic style using only expired film in Holgas, eating vegan and working out, embracing diversity and progressive values. Selling my guns and donating the proceeds to the Southern Poverty Law Center…. I’m growing out my hair and never shaving my legs, let the transformation begin!   

Christmas Greetings

Look around and be in awe that the world even exists, that nature can balance itself and provide us so much bounty. On the human side I’m flabbergasted that our economies and technology actually work, though it seems all is balanced on the head of a pin yet somehow things continue to get better… more people are prospering, learning, and improving themselves than ever before. 

Economics, education, healthcare, security, and our environment are overwhelming issues and we’re hardly able to grasp the complexities. Sometimes we can’t even define the problem that needs to be solved. My take is that a cohesive nation with high quality citizens and a coherent culture has a better chance of overcoming and solving these challenges than the track we’re on. We need to start making better people with stronger wills, ethics, and character…. 

Weather Outside is Frightful

It’s grey and boring outside. Here are some B-sides not in my portfolio:

Walmart ball, handheld Linhof Technika 4x5 camera

Early Ricoh GR digital camera with limited dynamic range….

Cheap motel room in North Tonawanda, NY. I used these as my studios when we couldn’t shoot outside. Looking back, nothing bad ever happened but it still was sketchy.

When Jacs and Hanna first meet, they were traveling internet models.

Porsche factory in Stuttgart, test catalytic convertors, 1989

Sanders McNew

Nikon D2x with 28/1.4D, as exotic as a Nikon combo can be.

Panda and KT after kayaking and ice cream, shitty 35mm Olympus Stylus

Drinking beer, nowhere in the 315

Ha she is too pretty. Really smart too, damn.

Steve Mahre coaching me at Mt Hood

Alysha Nett’s tattoo

Well that didn’t work out….

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