Frank Petronio photographer

Trail Boss

Pretty happy with how things have been shaping up on my two acres of manly man heaven. Or maybe it’s mosquito heaven? I have dirt for the jump and gravel for the wet spots but can not find a small loader or backhoe to rent so I’m going to have to shovel every bit twice. 

Three Leicas

My Mom died and I have a modest inheritance coming so I’ve been able to splurge on a few things that I wouldn’t otherwise during our time of perpetual crisis. After months of swapping and selling, here I am with a cleaned and adjusted set of Leicas. Top left is a IIIg with 50/1,5 Summarit, IIIf with 35/3,5 Summaron, and Nickel II with correct 50/3.5 Elmar. Nothing is especially rare or excessive but everything is 9/10 excellent or better condition. Still, total investment is less than a single modern Summicron lens. 


After the Ahmaud Arbery “jogger” narrative collapsed and the Amy Cooper-Birdwatcher incident remains a niggling triviality, the death of George Floyd at the knee of a White cop must be a relief to the virtual signalers and diversity scammers. After Trayvon and Michael Brown, kids pointing toy guns, felons grabbing police guns, etc. here we ~finally~ have legit example of police brutality. This will save jobs, secure funding and increase gibs to Blacks and the social justice industry. Plus, it’s a great topic to talk to college girls about, the drama!

On my side of the divide I can’t help but think that the same cop would readily be an asshole to me. And once President Cuomo tells his goons to take away our guns, seize our property, and inoculate us with an untested serum they’ll kneel on our windpipes too. People can claim it’s racist because of the greater numbers of Blacks arrested and incarcerated but only if you believe in egalitarian fantasies: that all people are the same and only environmental factors determine outcomes, lol. Modern liberals can not accept that Blacks will always be the most violent group because of genetics. They get themselves into a fluster and accuse you of being a Nazi if you dare to suggest… observable reality.  

During May at least a thousand American Blacks have been killed by their fellow Blacks. And there have been random attacks on innocent White people by racist Blacks in retaliation, including the barely reported sniping of elderly Paul And Lidia Marino at their son’s gravesite. YouTube and Twitter have purged the videos of the Black nursing home attendant beating the shit out of an old feeble White man. And the Black on White murder rate remains 30x the versa. Quite the double standard, almost as if the media has an agenda to enrage Blacks and promote violence for profit. And who runs the media? These are the people most in need of punishment and reform. At the very least they should be stripped of their assets and exiled to Israel. 

Report Card

I protect my family’s privacy somewhat, any creep could sleuth us out of course. Naturally I’m proud of all my kids. Our youngest is an exceptional student and dancer… and I figure her success is validation that we’re not entirely fucked. 

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