Frank Petronio photographer

Chris Reeves Knives Inkosi

So I bought eight midtech framelock folding knives from America’s leading manufacturers (see below) and have owned a dozen or so $100+ knives prior. Out of that scrum I chose the Chris Reeves Large Inkosi (3.5S35VN) as my favorite and (almost) everything else is listed for sale. The Inkosi wasn’t the most expensive knife I tried but it may be the simplest ~ it doesn’t flip, relies on washers rather than bearings, doesn’t have the latest steel and it’s not really decorated or embellished at all. It’s the kind of knife I can give to my grandson. 

I am probably going to keep the little 2.47” Spyderco Lil’ Native because it’s another practical knife that takes up barely any room in my pocket for times I don’t want to show a clip. And I’ve ordered a Winkler Crusher with a rubber handle for horizontal belt carry in the woods. After trying several of the larger folders with 4” blades I just do not feel confident in them for hard use. 

Also have a Kershaw Ken Onion Blur with glass breaker in the car, a Kershaw Shallot pulling packing tape duty and an Ontario RAT-1 in Aus-8 kicking around with my work tools (these are all nice entry level blades). So I guess it’s never going to get down to only one knife but you get the idea. 

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