Frank Petronio photographer

1000-Mile Meander

Remington Arms in Ilion, NY

in disrepair… Remington has built several new factories in free states.



Vaping with Toni and Matt

Peter Limmer and Sons Custom Bootmakers

Adam doing a repair

Crawford Notch, NH

Crawford Notch, NH

Mt Washington Hotel at Bretton Woods, NH

Chevy Beast

I have always wanted/needed a pair of custom hiking boots so I drove up to Intervale, New Hampshire to show Peter Limmer and his apprentice Adam my weird broken flat size 17 feet. Along the way I stopped in Ilion, NY to visit the crumbling Remington Arms pant, visited with Toni and Matt in Boston (check out her new neck tattoo), then had a pleasant time swatting black flies and communing with nature (from the highway). On the way home I met an ironworker from Montana who was getting triple-time retrofitting the nuke plant at Seabrook (he built the awesome Chevy war wagon). I shot both the Fuji X100f and Nikon D810s… I like the Fuji less. 

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