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Wash Your Hands

Because we allow our farmers to flaunt the law and hire illegal invaders from backward Third World countries we continue to have hygienic problems with our food supply, endangering people who foolishly assume we still have federal agencies and consumer protections that aren’t entirely cucked and politicized. America needs to stop both legal and illegal immigration, control its border, build the wall, enforce e-Verify, end chain migration and birthright citizenship. Shoot those sneaking in. Hang the traitors who enable and hire infiltrators. Then put put a bounty on illegal aliens and Washington swamp creatures. 

It’d be a good start. 


Zeiss Milvus 35/1.4 handles flare well, wouldn’t you say?

Citronella… sounds like a Suicide Girl I knew, sweet Citronella Suicide had a tattoo of a mosquito between her. 

The skeeters can be nasty on calm nights so I do have to use those candles and DEET but otherwise I think I have the perfect set up for airgun plinking and moderate “mountain biking” on my two acre plot across the road. I still have to rake out the (mini) hammerheads and fix the gravel where it washed away but otherwise it’s done, as good as it needs to be. Picnic table and targets are good enough, I’d have to spend real money and pour concrete to upgrade from here. 

My John Thomas-tuned Weihrauch HW30s with fiber optic sights got suffered some road rash during my bike-airgun biathlon attempt… dumb, it was perfect and lovely. I had to do a little repair work and rezero but it’s shooting very nicely. Then today I found another Thomas-tuned HW30s but with a laminate stock and better than average scope so I’m buying it. It should be easier to hit since I can not focus on targets with open sights (given the right eyewear, one should focus on the front sight, always). 

For a hot minute I considered a new FX or Daystate PCP gun and the associated paraphernalia but then I remembered how bored I got with the perfection of the RAW HM1000 last year. With those kind of guns once they’re sighted in you have to try hard to screw up the shot. Not so with springers! 

From ye olde iPhone 7s:

The Bench

Tool Box, I throw the hawk. That whiskey is a year old, I only pretend to be hardcore.


Precision Rifle

Yesterday I did my one-on-one long range rifle class. Getting things explained and having a chance to shoot at a fair distance made all the difference in the world. I learned how to relax and focus at the same time, as well as the practical aspects of loading the bipod forward while pulling the rifle back into my shoulder pocket. Boom! There I was consistently grouping 6” at 650-700 yards. It’s the same kind of “zone” you get in when your tennis strokes hit on the sweet spot or you find yourself cleanly carving your skis. 

I’ve been vacillating over what to do next. Realistically there are not many opportunities to shoot long range and it’s expensive on a per/shot basis. Probably best to wait a while and see where I’m at after our Italy trip? 

Polaroid 20x24

800mm lens, Sinar shutter

64,000 watt/sec of strobe

The camera has its own technician

Back when I was a wiseass on various photography forums I developed a small following (ca. 2011). One fellow asked me to do his engagement photos with the Polaroid 20x24 camera at the NYC studio. I only charged him $500 (rather than $2500) because I was excited to try the camera out. I think the studio rental was $1800 and each exposure was $300 but I suspect the prices fluctuated somewhat. In any event it cost him a pretty penny… travel, nice hotel, professional stylist, and at the end of the day there were 8 or 10 large prints that he suddenly realized he needed to ship home to Atlanta ~ hustle to find a shipping box and arrange safe passage ($$$). By the time he got one or two framed he must have spent $10 grand. Ouch. 

He called me last year to ask if I wanted the prints because they were getting divorced? Bummer but no, I did not. Of course if someone bothered to store these prints for 100 years they’d become priceless again. But it ain’t going to me. 

It was fun using the giant camera but I wish I had slowed down long enough to have made some better photos of the process. As it was these are the only snaps I have, from a crude small sensor camera. 

I haven’t checked the status of where Polaroid 20x24 is at lately… like a lot of art there was a wealthy backer of the enterprise. There was some sort of relationship with the Impossible Project and other trendy ventures but I never paid any further attention. Hipsters get more wrapped up in the media than the medium when they should be out making new photographs instead.

Back in the 80s-90s when Polaroid was a viable tool for professional photography I thought it was too expensive, wasteful and time consuming. Its chemistry stunk like old piss. And like Kodachrome it gets overly romanticized in spite of being a lousy way to make pictures. 

The camera tech I worked with ~ Jennifer Trausch ~ is a damn good photographer who has mastered the 20x24 Polaroid and 8x10 conventional film cameras. Better than me. Her website hasn’t been updated in years, no idea what she does now. 


It was a rainy day so one of the things I did was get my camera pack figured out. It’s a F-Stop Lotus with the large insert. Two Nikon D810s with Nikkor 300/4pf; 105/1.4e; 20/1.8g and the 35/1.4 Zeiss Milvus. Rather than upgrade the cameras to the latest D850s I spent more on nicer lenses. And I’m pleasantly convinced the lenses do make an improvement. The only real advantages to the D850 are better auto-focusing and a higher resolution file but at $3500 a piece and another $500 for new, faster XQD and SD media, buying two of them is over $8K out of pocket. And my “obsolete” D810s are only worth about $1200 on the used market. The best thing to do is to wait for the D850 replacement to come out and pick up some mint D850s for a song in a couple of years. Defy marketing ;-p 

Anyway the beast comes in at 22 pounds sans water, rain gear, hiking poles and tripod. I probably won’t take it everywhere, it will mostly function as a camera case in the car, but I feel prepared as heck. I can even squeeze the Mavic drone into the top pocket. 

Bernie Sanders 2016

I had placed some of these photos in with the Deplorables series but they didn’t fit, a Socialist like Sanders was never deplorable to the mainstream media. The Sanders rally I attended was the only one of the 2016 rallies where I was accosted, when a young woman complained I was blocking her view with my camera and her comrades jostled with me. No violence really, I simply got my shots and moved on. 

The lighting was that horrid stadium green gas that is difficult to edit. 

What struck me about Bernie was how half of his platform could have been cribbed from Trump’s (although later he reneged on most of it and retreated to merely going along with the rest of the Democrat platform).

Looks like a shop steward basking in holiness.

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