Frank Petronio photographer

Train Girl

This is 19-year old Haley, who left home at 16 and has been riding the rails for the past year. “Train Kids” is a subculture: stoners riding, sleeping, fucking and shitting off the side of train wells. She sells nudes online and uses PayPal as her bank. Interesting kid, a loner, stubborn and tough yet brittle. Of course I gave her money, food, a knife, etc. 

(As far as smoking weed, I think it should be prohibited and shunned but not punished very severely, at least at the user level. We need rules we can break or life becomes bland and dull. I also think smoking pot in your young, brain-developing years is really nasty, resulting in stunted intellect and personalities ~ and this should be punished more severely. That said, if I had a terminal illness and wanted to smoke, why not? But like most other issues, we’re inconsistent and ineffectual….)

Mom at 82

My mother died on July 15. It was sudden and shocking yet peaceful, outdoors on a beautiful Summer day. She was spared a long slow decline and all indications are she didn’t suffer. While dying in your sleep remains the popular choice, I think this was a pretty fortunate way to exit. Seeing her body closed the matter for me and now it’s a matter of supporting my sister who hasn’t yet found quite the solace that I have. 

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