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Sig MPX For Sale

As air guns go this is interesting because it’s a semi-auto CO2 .177 short rifle with belt-fed magazines that works reliably. Not many do. I also bought the HPA adapter and tank to avoid using expensive canisters. I have accessories: spare mag and belts, a sling, the OEM materials. It’s mint, looking for $250 plus shipping.

It works great, has good build quality, and is pretty accurate ~ better than an Air Soft. I’ve shot ~400 rounds and it is a blast to “blast”, “hose” and “shred” but now the novelty is gone… but if you’re curious you may enjoy this. Or, more likely, your young video gamer critters will enjoy it. Do it for the kids, imagine reality!


I always cringe when normal guys get all goofy about women’s breasts, I’m usually thinking of suckling hogs and milking machines. It’s not that I don’t find breasts attractive or anything but it was more that when a woman chose to reveal her breasts to you it was a sort of a milestone in your intimacy as a couple. Perhaps if we grew up where women freely walked around topless then men wouldn’t make such a big hoot over them but I’m doubtful. When my first wife was breast feeding in public (discretely) there were often creeps who leared, as if she was the one being unnatural. Later on, once I started photographing women who wanted to exhibit their breasts there was a different kind of relationship. With the model-photographer dynamic there wasn’t intimacy, at least romantically or sexually. I wasn’t going to play with them or do anything sexual, even if encouraged it’d be terrifying (and flaccid), I was merely trying to make a good picture where they didn’t look like pancakes or fried eggs. Which is no mean feat. 

Anyway I came upon this old image while doing a hard drive archive and while I usually don’t shoot bodies without heads, this one wasn’t that awful. As boobs go they were pretty nice. 

Another Airgun

iPhone photos continue to impress me, image quality seems as good as most compact cameras. Yet the phone offers so much more than any digital camera… Currently I have an iPhone 7+ but I think I can rationalize getting the latest Max-whatever simply for the improved camera. 

(Of course I loath Apple (after 29 years of using nothing but) and am frustrated that they build most of their products in “Communist” China using exploited labor while taking advantage of lax environmental regulations and exposing us to spying and privacy violations both from the Chinese and American authorities.)

I’ve had the above Weihrauch HW30s .177 air rifle (this is the first of two) for a couple of years now. First I sent it to a good gun tuner (John Thomas in PA), added fiber optic sights and got the custom Steve Corcoran stock at the end of August. The British Wilkins pellet pouch works great, I hung it off an old braided camera strap. 

The weathered enamel table top and warm light work nice, perhaps I should get more serious about table top now that it’s not commercial? Something about it works…. 

Slow Motion Shooting

Not great shooting (or videoing) but I like to check my muscle memory and habits. For instance I need to stop riding the trigger and get it out of the trigger guard faster when I’m done. The Atlas Gunworks 2011 Titan Tactical 9mm is flawless as expected, very happy with all my shooting gear at this point. 

Also happy that Kavanaugh and Trump won against the corrupt American media and the traitorous (or to be charitable, gullible) opposition. I’m still hoping for Trump to bring all of our troops home and to stop all forms of immigration (repatriation actually) but nevertheless he’s better than any other modern politician. 


Right off I should explain that I don’t see how latex is sexy, having grown up with one-piece lycra ski racing suits and paddling kayaks in neoprene Farmer Johns, I equate it with sports clothing. And while Christian Cooper looked mighty fine in her US Ski Team Descente suit back in 1980… it’s still more modest than any swimsuit or nightclub outfit. Nothing to see here folks….

Of course once it gets wet, either through water or shiny lubricating “product”, it does take on a sleeker, more streamlined appearance and you’d be forgiven of thinking of superhero comic book characters. Cool!

So when I think about it, it’s mainly to set off your imagination, not mine. I’ve already seen the model naked struggling to put the damn thing on (and it’s not pretty or photogenic, I’ve tried). But people comment, make BDSM associations without any prompting, and reveal more about themselves, way beyond anything we’re showing them. 

People start small talk about Helmet Newton (even though he rarely photographed latex) but, with a few drinks, more comes spilling out. I never realized how kinky people are… I’m just some dork taking pictures but here you are telling me your most intimate fantasies and desires. All because of a photo’s prompt? Amazing. Thanks? 

And that’s the idea behind all my modeling photos, the NSFW stuff, anything that’s so-called “sexy”. It’s not really sexy on the spectrum of sexy photos ~ compared to the world of free porn and Miley Cyrus my stuff is vanilla. But nevertheless people’s reactions to it aren’t and that’s what I find interesting. 

FX Wildcat II

After selling my 1911 pistol I used a (large) portion of the proceeds to buy a new FX Wildcat II in .22 from Utah Airguns. They hydrodipped it with a Kuiu camo pattern which looks pretty cool. Up until now I’ve mostly shot .177 caliber so the .22 feels a lot more authoritative, it really smacks the steel targets. I also bought an expensive 100 cubic foot 4500 psi Carbon fiber air tank for filling; Athlon 6-24x50 FFP IR AO scope; FX no-limit adjustable scope rings; and a Huggett combination shroud and silencer. So far no leaks, the gun has been easy to zero and is consistent. I may have to tune it to lessen the power so I can get more shots out of a fill - right now four 8-round magazines use 220 to 150 BAR of pressure, which is more consumption than expected. But I’m going to shoot 500-1000 rounds to break it in first. 

I’m kicking myself for selling the chronograph I used for the precision rifle as now I see how useful it can be for making adjustments. I really don’t understand how the gun works yet, at least not as well as I do most powderburners, but I suspect I’ll dig in and figure it out. 

A few years ago I bought a beautiful RAW HM1000 in .177 and tuned for low power so I could get 200 shots from its 500cc air bottle. But I got bored with its perfection, also that it was a heavy, full-sized rig similar to my PRS rifle. The Wildcat is about half its size and while the air capacity is far less, it’s a practical gun to carry on a walk about or a simple grab and go. But it has me regretting selling the RAW as both guns would compliment each other. Perhaps I’ll get the new FX Dreamline next year or wait for another good deal on a RAW? Then again I have two high end springers to shoot… pretty damn lucky.

Yesterday I dropped my oldest off at her Mom’s and counted five really dumb squirrels within 40 yards of me, a hunter’s dream. But I don’t really see the point until they are doing something harmful, like digging into your attic or spreading the Black Plague? At our house the dogs keep them away from our house and the cats will catch anything inside the house, a preferable solution. I’d like to learn how to harvest a deer at some point (with a shotgun) but at this late date (I’m 58) I’m not keen on sitting in a stand all day much less dragging one out of the woods. Or getting my face blown off by some asshole. So I should probably go to one of these guided game farm situations, do everything in a day, and have $20/lb venison shipped back to me, haha. 

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