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Upcoming : Travel Plans

This July we'll be returning to China for two weeks. In 2004 we adopted our daughter from Southern China and it's our first opportunity to show her what her homeland is like. This will be a very conventional tourist trip ~ HK, Beijing, Chengdu, Xi'an, Guilin, Shanghai ~ but I am sure there will be plenty of opportunities to make unconventional photographs.


America's divided and I'm unapologetically on the side of the Alt-Right and America First contingent. I'm still trying to figure out how to explore my positions photographically... so I've been shooting farming, guns, political rallies, small town life... looking for the intersections, ironies, and conflicts. Give me some time and I'll figure out how to tie things together but for now I'm in gathering mode. 

FWIW I live with a "progressive voter" and we still get along. But if you're intolerant then please go away. 


Since finishing the tog book I haven't been shooting with models nearly as often but I am making the time in early August to shoot with European model Vincent Littlehat during her Canadian visit. We're doing a road trip from Toronto to Montreal, afterwhich I can drop down into Maine and meander back to Rochester. 

Otherwise, post-book I've only worked with a handful of people. I think the latest generation of millennials are far more reserved than the women I shot with 5-10 years ago and "the moment has passed" but for the rare occasion. 

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