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I’ve had a fun accumulative streak this Fall, starting with a drone, then getting a pair of the Nikon “e” lenses, guns, ammunition, prepper stuff, sports gear, tools, travel, etc. This is entirely because of Trump… we could not possibly have any comparable economic growth under a Democrat regime. Thank you Donald, Godspeed and let’s keep at dismantling the Federal government, draining the swamp, and building Kate’s wall. 

During this short spell of exuberance I got myself an Aquatech water housing and picked up a beater Nikon D800 body to use inside it (with a 35/1.8G lens). Aquatech had a Black Friday sale and being the off season you can save a good amount. I’m still testing but I’ve got the basics down. Stuck my hand into the frigid and: 

I’ll have to find something amazing to justify going back into freezing water! But without foreground subjects like fish, boats, or models I’m at a loss…. If I study rocks and ice perhaps I can visualize something and do a quick in-and-out with my old kayaking neoprene? Otherwise… any excuse for a Caribbean trip is a good one. 

Yes, I am grateful and I’m careful not to be spending too much. I try to offset my expenditures, at least these optional ones, by selling other gear. My recently departed Leica and RAW HM1000 air rifle more than covered everything since. I also donated extra tools and clothing while making cash donations to causes dear to my heart (which should offset your progressive ones).

There is always a bubble to burst. Right now the likely candidates are property values, Bitcoin, and the silly overvaluation of tech, especially Apple, Alphabet, Amazon. But who knows? Run-ups can perpetuate themselves with small corrections. I’m not buying any(more) coastal property or Bitcoin, I sold my tech stocks ~ people respond organically to risk and values can fall gradually, minimizing harm…. Looking at the economy over the long term, big picture, it’s wonderful that everything has worked so well. Capitalism has lifted half the (overpopulated) world out of despair and poverty, creating peaceful relations between nations while being the greatest positive force in human history (far outweighing any religion or noble cause). Let’s keep it going by earning, shopping, and further humiliating these goddamn Leftist idiots.   


Wonderful to see these Leftist media figures and politicians tumbling down. I’ll still believe in “innocent until proven guilty” and know that allegations can be lies… but most of these men are making groveling apologies that only verify the women’s claims. 

LOL Disney, Charlie Rose, John Conyers, Al Franken, Congress… fuck em all and Happy Thanksgiving!

Sarah K

I love doing these 20 minute portrait sessions. (Ignore the six hours spent driving and editing.) 

The Nikon 105/1.4e is the best short telephoto lens to date, with the best autofocusing accuracy and speed along with beautiful, sharp yet smooth rendering. It beats all of the other good lenses I’ve owned: Zeiss 135/2. Sigma 135/1.8, Nikon 85/1.8G, 85/1.4G, all the AIS lenses, etc. Its only downsides are the price (over $2000) and that it uses odd 82mm filters. To avoid spending more on filters I’ll rarely use I got an 82-77mm step-down ring, figuring I could crop slightly. (I carry a circular polarizer and an 8-stop ND.

I also have the 28/1.4e but I’m not as receptive to wide-angle shooting, in spite of it having similar qualities to the 105. And I’m still frustrated that Nikon doesn’t make a comparable 50mm to these two fine lenses. That trio would be perfect (along with a set of pancake primes for travel). 


I mainly show the PG version but the Mono is not forgotten. Handheld 4x5 film in a cheap Crown Graphic with the brilliant Aimee, who survived her stint with Suicide Girls and is now a Mom, writer, teacher, and editor. Things do work out more often than not. 


Half Dome, Yosemite, 1999 or 2000, Rolleiflex

As a species, the problem we refuse to address is over-population. At least half of the world’s 7.6-billion human beings live in squalor and many are functionally retarded. There is barely an acknowledgement of this, much less any directives or hope of rectifying this situation. We’re like a herd of deer who have exceeded the land’s carrying capacity… multiplying to the point of collapse and extinction. Personally I think Earth’s optimal human population is somewhere in the low hundreds of millions…. With that we’d have abundant resources while maintaining intact ecosystems and migration corridors for other species. There would be room for malcontents and the agrarian-minded to spread out. And if we applied simple, organic eugenics ~ like paying dumb people not to breed ~  and rewarded people based on merit ~ we’d quickly evolve into a race of super-beings. 

Alas these are considered hateful thought crimes. Instead we’re stuck with nation states and ours, America, is being suicided by its academic and political elites. Every fault and sin is blamed on the very people who work so hard to support the state, watch/read media, save for tuitions… the lowest of the low: working stiffs, taxpayers, veterans, traditional Americans with nuclear families. Versus the growing majority of the minority, all entitled victims consuming not only the wealth of the nation but the very soul. Every ideal, tradition, and all of the goodwill that made us Americans is under assault. Can you see a happy ending here?

I’m pessimistic. I think we’ll end up stratifying into a corrupt Latin American democracy-in-name-only along the lines of Brazil (If we’re lucky and don’t wind up like Venezuela.) Demographics are baked in… high birthrate, unassimilated Third World immigrants replacing native White Americans by mid-Century. These people will not embrace traditional American values; multiculturalism will only multiply dysfunction. We become another Latin American country with a pale-skinned elite, gated communities, peasants combing through dumps. 

Is there hope? Generation Z certainly seems more cynical and pragmatic than the good-little-student “diversity is our strength” millennials. Perhaps they’ll come of age and launch a new wave of populist nationalism and based personal values? 

Imagine a leader telling people NO, they aren’t equal, that many of them are stupid slobs and it’s nobody else’s fault but their own. Telling Blacks that it’s ludicrous and wrong to blame White descendants for the acts of their ancestors hundreds of years after the fact…. Telling Women that most Men really haven’t been oppressing them and all they have to do is step up and do whatever the Hell they want ~ nobody is in their way. Telling the LBGTxyz community that we don’t care what they do in private but get your junk out our kids’ faces. All while making “It OK to be White” even if every other identity group has a hissy fit (what a brilliant campaign BTW).

“We” owe you less than nothing when you have nothing to contribute.  

That’s my slim hope. But I’m doubtful because most people sputter that being this “Frank” is hateful and we need to magically learn to get along and share, all 8-12 billion of us, even though we ~ or any of our mammalian compatriots ~ never have gotten along, ever, throughout history.


If this piques your curiosity I’ll give you some background from some favorite wrong-thinkers who have noticed particularly patterns and events and articulated positions I favor:

Steve Sailer is a genius, I try to read everything he writes. 

Commentator John Derbyshire is perhaps the closest to my views. 

I recently found a prolific new blogger, ZMan, who I find most agreeable. 

And Pat Buchanan has been so right so often I’m in awe.

I’m also a fan of American Renesiance and VDare, contributing to both. 

Based on current definitions this puts me in the Dissident Right rather than the Alt-Right, not that it matters much unless you’re involved. I still find Richard Spencer’s evolution interesting but I’ll distance myself from his sycophats… I like James Allsup, he’s coherent. Andrew Anglin, if you can find him, is far smarter and wittier than you might expect but he does go too far with white supremacy and blaming Jews and feminists for every ill. Still it’s good to find the edge, unvarnished, as a benchmark. I have more disdain for the AltLight: Mike Cernovich, Laura Southern, Breitbart, all Libertarians, and ~ sadly ~ our mostly ineffectual President Trump. Of course I loath FOX News and establishment Republicans (who are worse than Democrats). 

Yes, I’m someone who calls people “cucks”. Perfect insult.     

And that’s it…. I’ll put up with some mainstream indoctrination media ~ NPRPBS, HBO mostly. I have Twitter account to see what Trump does and I have a minimal Instagram presence that I use to follow photographers, models, and products I’m interested in. Mostly I keep my mouth shut in public, other than here. (And who reads this? A handful of people per month, if that? It’s basically a personal journal at this point.) 

I think we’re years off from any real political violence or upheavals. Now we’re in the Beatnik 50s, the 2020s will be the radical 60s, and by 2040 we’ll see who won? I’ll place my youngest daughter into whatever the elite is, she has the chops to succeed. My older kids are bright and resourceful, survivors all. And here on the homefront we have our emergency supplies….  


Holimont, Ellicotville, NY

I’m guessing this is from Spring 1986, three years after my climbing accident and when I still skied the super small Lange shells. I used those race stock Rossignols for many years (they were 213cm with the old Rossi Roc 550 construction… basically slabs of Aluminum wrapped in Fiberglass), still had the 70s Vaurnets. I know I felt slow and pudgy at the time but Lordy, considering the subsequent abuses this was peak Frank. 

It’s hard to describe just how much I identified with being a skier, and a ski racer at that. I did coach the University team in Oregon; qualified for pro race against some World Cup guys, and for one brief weekend I was 176th in the world for Giant Slalom if I read the points right. But I had a late start (age 15), physical deformities (really messed up feet), and when I took a 60-footer climbing fall in 1982 that pretty much put the kibosh on my ski industry career (why be underpaid if you can’t enjoy skiing everyday?) 

Still, this was probably one of the hero days I so fondly remember. I still ski those same trails and when the snow and sun cooperate I can create those same G-forces and arcs, it really is like flying. I have skiing dreams and I often fall asleep thinking about skiing, it’s burrowed deep inside. Which is why we put up with all the ridiculous things we do in order to do it. 

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