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Took a ride out to one of the area’s first modern windmill installations ~ where Alyssa and I got kicked out by the (nice guys) maintenance crew who told us that these were now nearly obsolete. Ten years old.

I haven’t shot with models lately so it was old school fun to meet somebody at a truck stop, drive out to the further boonies, and watch them take off their shirt and run around with abandon. Smiles, nice. 

Check for tics. 

Mid-Fat Bike

For a Mid-Fat Dad. It really rocks on my personal trail loop. 

Base model Specialized Fuse 6 Fattie, only upgrade were nicer pedals… feels a lot faster and plusher compared to my classic 26 XC hardtail. It’s a heavy bike but the gearing is perfect for my home loop, much more confident doing my little jumps with it. The wider bars, slack geometry, and fat tires make the winding trail a lot more interested too! It whips! 

Next… lights for night? 

Short Stroking

At 500 rounds to date my Smith and Wesson 627PC revolver is shooting very well other than short stroking, skipping a round or two every cylinder. I think it’s the rebound spring more than my technique but back to the gunsmith it goes…. These Speedbeez speedloaders work nicely, I doubt they are as fast as moonclips in competition but for recreational shooting they are probably the easiest and most efficient way to burn through ammo. 

It’s hardly a self-defense gun and I’ll still swear by my Glocks in a situation. Certainly seems like a good time to practice, clean up, and stock ammo. 


I’m glad I didn’t go to photograph the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville yesterday. It’s too easy to get caught up in the heat of the moment and I probably would have gotten my ass stomped. 

As you, the most-likely liberal reader, may think I deserve. 

Social Media was interesting, if I commented (civilly) against the liberal tide and kept it short then I was asked for sources and justification. If I elaborated then I was mansplaining. If I made a point I was blocked. 

Every media figure short of Ann Coulter outright lied and postured. 

Yes the “optics” of the event were difficult since I think it’s important for the white identity movement to separate itself from the media’s reflexive Nazi and Klan associations. I understand the kids want to troll and trigger since they know they won’t be given a fair hearing in the lügenpresse… so why not? (Even Breitbart and Fox called them White Supremacists are one point.) But to the average Normie who sees the handful of fringe dwellers at the edge of the crowd – cropped and isolated to make them appear more relevant than they were – it’s a huge roadblock. Same with the “Tiki” torch parade that invoked Leni Riefenstahl imagery. I saw a photo of the torch-lit crowd with the Lee statue behind and because of the highlights blowing out it looked like a KKK lynching party for an uncomfortable moment’s glance. 

The kids should take a page from Malcolm X… wear suits, never raise your voice, kick the fringe freaks out of the pack, be as respectable as possible. Speak softly and carry a big stick. This was the stated intent of the organizers but they should have anticipated that some assholes would try to attach themselves.

If they were really smart they’d find a sympathetic police force and city government before selecting the location of their rallies. Surely there are based cops out there… Start out safely in South Carolina or Idaho to build a base and expand from there. Then you move into the Purple states with overwhelming numbers. Rally in cities with cops allowed to do their jobs.

Bigger picture, the Right only has two leaders at opposite ends of the spectrum right now… and neither are traditionally conservative. Trump, who is a nominal NYC Democrat and much more moderate than he’s been portrayed (and inconsistent, unreliable, impulsive) versus Richard Spencer, who’s leaning hard towards a populist socialism for “our” people (and who will never avoid being called a Nazi at every opportunity even though he’s non-violent and tolerant). Otherwise the traditional Republican small government/market solutions types have all but disappeared, replaced by meek RINO Republicrats (Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, not exactly thought leaders….). Rand Paul has fought a good fight but his “liberalatarism” hasn’t caught on. I like Paul Nehlen but he’s only in the embryonic stage of his political career. And the great white hope, Kris Kobach, either hasn’t risen to his potential or effectively cucked on immigration with the flawed RAISE Act.

Still, it’s good we’ve moved past the bumpersticker fundraising-favorite issues like abortion, gays, and guns towards more existential questions. More people, even liberals, acknowledge that the media and academia are hysterical Marxists. And like the Republicans, the Democrats are also in disarray: Keith Ellison is batshit crazy and Chuck Schumer oozes sleaze… Kamala Harris is their obvious presidential candidate meaning 2020 will be 100% identity politics and the demographics do not look good. The best thing for Trump has been this genuine economic boom, although the media does its best to downplay it. 

Establishment journalists and pols refuse to acknowledge the disposition and dispossession of American Whites and Males in particular. This should be Trump’s core issue yet he ignores or downplays it. I’m looking for the bold, brave, and brash Trump, not this cucked milquetoast lite version. Dealing with the opiate epidemic amongst unemployed White Males is fine but it’s just a symptom of the acute disease that needs treatment ~ yet Trump is afraid to even mention White identity… while Democrats make bank milking Black and Hispanic identity politics.

Again, for the hysterical, White identity or nationalism isn’t about depriving others, there is no supremacy attached. It simply means advocating for my group, searching for equal treatment, preserving and strengthening the most successful and enlightened culture in history. If some kids want to LARP in SS or Klan outfits to troll you that sucks but nobody takes them seriously. Masked hipsters – with Communists flags and Negan bats – trying to erase history are a far greater danger. (And Robert E. Lee was a hero to all.) 

Where are the new populists who should be challenging the incumbents of both parties? I guess it is so hard to navigate the corrupt Democrat and Republican party machines that newcomers face nearly insurmountable odds. Paul Nehlen – who Paul Ryan beat by 68 points – is the only guy I’ve heard recently with a consistent political philosophy I can agree with. The 2018 elections will be a clusterfuck as the old hacks attempt to recast themselves as based patriots… which should be hilarious and… SAD.  

Also, and perhaps more importantly, there has been no movement on the cultural front. Breitbart cucked and is trying to be a mainstream news outlet. FOX has been worthless for years…. there are no major conservative news outlets, much less representation in popular culture like movies, music, and art. There is no counter to the relentless progressive indoctrination kids are exposed to in schools, this is the most Orwellian aspect.

Who will say say no to the kumbaya diversity racket and race hustlers? 

Ultimately I don’t see how we come together? Historically multicultural societies and democracies have a half-life before they commit suicide… and I fear we’re well into that process. Whites (and Asians) will be displaced and treated poorly. The best outcome would be breaking up peacefully into Reds and Blues. Regardless, I don’t see how the Middle Classe avoids getting crushed. 

On the personal level, I think young people (of any race or persuasion) should relocate and settle in the more stable rural conservative areas, away from the larger cities. Even liberal asses like Noah Kalina (who is currently trolling my Instagram) have figured this out. 

Annie Model

This is Annie, a new model from Geneva, NY. She is excellent for a newcomer and I highly recommend her if you want a bright, lovely young woman to photograph. 

Still, I’m left feeling like I’m done with models… or perhaps only shooting with someone genuinely enthusiastic. After finishing my tog book ~ and it really does feel “finished” ~ I haven’t really made a significant photo with any of the models I’ve shot with since. Some of the people have been simply awful at the modeling part or have had disagreeable personalities ~ my fault for pursuing them when I should have known better. Other times I’ve begged off from some really great people, for valid reasons, because the timing or expenses no longer made sense. (And sometimes I just get a strange vibe and have learned to listen to it, at least sometimes.)

If I look at the aggregate of what I’ve spent to photograph models it’s close to $250,000 over ten years. My book has about 100 photos. That’s $2,500 per photo, which sounds ridiculous considering some of them took nothing more than 35mm snapshots and maybe a six pack of beer. But now I’m feeling like I don’t want to spend much more money or time at this. And frankly as I get older it feels more and more creepy to be out and about with young twenty-somethings. Do you do this same routine when you’re 80? I think not. And besides, (your) kids are going to be really fucking weird in 2039.

Still I’d love to shoot with someone truly enthusiastic about working with me…. I just asked a newbie out of the blue, the cycle continues. It’s hard to absolutely stop because when it works out, shooting is so much fun and the photos just flow. Thus my eternal angst ;-p  

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